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There are many people who are not yet aware of the importance of wooden flooring. Flooring being one of the most important parts of your home requires all the right material. The right flooring is aesthetically appealing and matches with the interiors of your home. Although many homeowners usually prefer tiles and marble flooring, wooden flooring is also becoming one of the most popular options these days because of its numerous benefits.

Good quality wooden floors have a long life. Most of the people who opt for carpet, find themselves replacing the same every 5 years because of holes, stains or shabbiness from everyday usage. The wooden floor, on the other hand, has a minimum maintenance program, they are like old wine, and they become better as the years pass by. Also, they are very easy to clean than that of the carpets. Just a simple brush or light vacuum can make your wooden floor look clean and great. In case of any stains, a damp mop is enough to remove it with great ease.

When it comes to hygiene wooden flooring is the most hygienic than that of carpets. Reports show that parasites are trapped inside the carpets. These are horrifying. They cause havoc with people who are prone to allergy. However, a wooden floor eliminates all these worries. You no longer need to worry about allergen producing dust mites, fleas and dust play havoc with you if you go for a wooden floor.

Apart from being more hygienic wooden floors are also odor free. Carpets trap unpleasant odors from animals and things. However, the fragrance of a polished wooden floor is beautiful, it will keep your home fresh and invite guests. Also, wooden flooring provides a great medium for installing underfloor heating. This is considered as the most efficient ways to heat your house. If after a few years you feeling like renovating your wooden floor due to daily wear and tear, you can do it just by applying simple sand and seal. This is much cheaper than refitting a new carpet.

This wooden floor has a timeless appeal. If you are looking for the best wooden floor supplier you can contact us. We are one of the pioneers in this field. We are committed to providing the best to all our clients. Our wooden floor has a timeless appeal and can be availed by people of all budgets. The warmth and feel of the timber floor will make you fall in love with it over and over again. We being one of the best wooden floor dealers in Bangalore can provide you with true value for your money.

Previously wood was only available to the wealthier class of the society but now they are meant for everyone. Stone and tile floors although are hygienic but do not have a similar kind of warmth and feel as that of wooden floors. According to estimation wooden floors can be sold very easily compared to that of other floorings.

Hemnil Tiles Studio can best satisfy your needs if you are looking for top wooden floor distributors in Bangalore.

Hemnil Tiles Studio Is Best Wooden Floor Distributors in Bangalore

Wooden flooring has been in use since time immemorial and is a very stylish and elegant way of doing up any interior space. Right from hotels, restaurants, to commercial spaces and even home interiors are adorned with wooden flooring. These not only add a rustic feel but are also a great way to create a warm and cozy look.

Apart from being high on utility wood is an ideal floor material for Indian homes. While it is equally true that most people prefer stone floors, some do opt for wooden flooring. Wooden flooring comes on a lot of variety namely, hardwood engineered wood and laminated wood and each gas it's utility.

Wooden flooring is such that it can be used in every area except your bathrooms and kitchen as we tend to make use of water here. Hardwood flooring is quite sensitivities to moisture and humid atmosphere and therefore not a very good idea. Even a small amount of exposure from moisture can deteriorate the quality of wood and spoil it. Consequently, one should understand that you need to use this flooring with some precaution. Out if the available variety, wood from engineered quality that is made by creating various layers of wood and layer treated for a long-lasting finish, is the best in comparison to rest.

There are three layers and multilayered wood flooring that are available in the market. These wood layers may be obtained from various sources of wood such as Pinewood, teak wood, rosewood combined with spruce and then veneer for finish and balancing. All three layers are compressed to create sheers of wood that are then placed on the floor in a skilled way.

Usually, these sheets come in 2 mm thickness and that may vary from dealer to dealer. These are the best option for homes in a real wood category and serve the domestic purpose well. You can team up wooden flooring with other materials if you like. You may opt for a wood finish in your bedrooms and the remaining part can be in stone or tile.

Oak, teak, and walnut engineered wood is also a preferred choice and is known to be stain-resistant and come in high quality.

It serves as a great choice for interior spaces of all kinds and can be a stand out feature in your interior space. It can add an element of grandeur and give a very eye-catching look to any living space.

Long wood finish planks that run across the floor give a very neat look and create an illusion of space.

The wood adds a dramatic finish to your decor and goes well with any kind of furniture and upholstery. This Technology-enabled flooring comes with an easy click and lock system and offers hassle-free installation thereby making it great for Indian homes. Select us as the best wooden floor dealers in Bangalore and bring a rustic charm to your interior space.

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