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So you have been shopping for taps, shower fittings and bathroom accessories for your new bathroom, but have you considered shopping for a wash basin yet? If not it’s high time you do so. You might not realize how important it is to find the right wash basin for your space. Going for the right size, style and shape of the basin can change the entire look and feel of your bathroom. One of the most important things that you need to consider while shopping for a new basin is the size. We are that one stop wash basin dealers in Bangalore who stock a huge range of various different sizes of basins, so that you can find the perfect piece no matter how small or large your space is.

A corner basin is a great choice when it comes to saving space. Here you will find everything from oval basins to large rectangular basins to double basins in our collections. If you choose the wrong size you will end up finding that the basin is jutting out awkwardly from the wall or preventing you from opening or closing your bathroom. If you are living in a cozy cottage go for traditional rectangular washbasins. Modern apartments usually suit circular and oval-shaped basin better. Also, carefully consider the taps type when you choose your basin. Traditional styled hot and cold taps, contemporary or a mixed tap are some of the options you can choose. .

If you choose a basin that does not match with the rest of your home and a new bathroom then it will be a costly mistake. Thus, it is very important than you think it is. Making a bathroom look classy is much easier than you can even imagine. All you need to do is to get the right features and details, for example, a beautiful wash basin. This can act as a focal point for your room. These basins can make your bathroom look elegant and sophisticated.

Bathrooms being one of the most relaxing parts of the home requires an elegant wash basin which can change the look of your bathroom. All bathrooms need one functional, durable and aesthetic wash basin. The basin must be such that it can complement the design and thematic concept of your bathroom accessories and fittings so that your bathroom can be transformed into a place that you will look forward to for your relaxation purposes. Nowadays the demand for luxury wash basins has increased. And we are here to cater to all the requirements of our customers.

We Hemnil Tiles Studio are listed in top wash basin distributors in Bangalore so if are planning to buy wash basin for residential or commercial use we can give you best options.

Hemnil Tiles Studio Is Best Wash Basin Distributors in Bangalore

The bathroom is one constituent of an Interior space that requires the most attention, but for some reason remains neglected in comparison to the rest of the home interior. While we spend a lot of time and effort into doing up the remaining part, we often overlook the bathing area.

As much as it is essential to have a stylish-looking home, the bathroom is one such part that should not be overlooked at any cost. To start with, get some of the basic things right and you will instantly give your bathroom a lift. Upgrade to some simple yet stylish look and you can see a change.

Basic items of use in a bathroom are washbasin, WC, shower and if space permits bath tab as well. There are several Ideas to spruce up your bathroom interior and while you may not spend a fortune, a few bucks will go a long way in achieving a pleasant-looking bathing space

Washbasins are a thing of basic need and stand out as the most fundamental need in any bathroom. It is therefore difficult to pick the appropriate one. It should not be too big or too small. Also, consider the amount t of space that it requires to fit in. Some people install basins outside the bathroom for convenience while others strictly keep them as a part of the bathroom.

You can decide as per the layout of the bathroom and your overall space. What we want to bring out is that select a basin that looks attractive and solves the purpose as well.

There are plenty of advanced shapes and structures available for basins and this is due to the accessibility that has increased and so has the need. Owners increasingly go for alluring designs even if it is a washbasin. They come in various attractive shapes and have gone to a different level. It's not just about utility but style as well.

Pedestal washbasins are a regular feature and seen commonly in homes today. These sit on a thin cylindrical base that is hollow from inside and come in a certain capacity and can be very stylish in the finish.

Wall hung are another type of washbasins that have a solid shape and are easily accessible. These are also high on style can be easily fixed to the wall thereby making the installation easy. These types of basins blend well with modern decor and are easy to maintain and clean. They are available in different shapes and even colors. You can team up with your choice of color if you have a specific theme for your bathroom.

Looking for interesting washbasin designs, you can get in touch with us as we are established Washbasin distributors in Bangalore and cater to all the bathroom interior needs, including washbasins. Choose to firm our attractive styles and designs and create a lasting effect. Our highly durable and made from high-quality material, washbasins are something that you cannot miss and would like to install in your bathing space for an enhanced look and a great experience. After all, there should be no compromise when it comes to style.

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