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Are you looking to revamp your interiors? A very important aspect to consider while going in for an interior change of your home, office or commercial space is flooring. This is one part of designing a space that is often underestimated or not much importance is associated. An important point to note here is that flooring plays a crucial role in deciding the overall look of the space that is being recreated.

Choose your flooring carefully with research and understanding of what exactly is the purpose and need. Different spaces demand different kinds of tiles, for example, the tiles used for the kitchen area may be different from those in the living area and bedrooms. Similarly, in bathrooms, the quality of tiles have to be such that they are water-resistant and non-slippery. There are plenty of tiles available in the market as regards the shape, size, and pattern.

Variety of Tiles to Choose From

Starting from simple to intricate designs, the availability of tiles is unlimited and there are more options than one can imagine if you hire a professional interior decorator to design your private space, commercial or home. They will be able to guide you best as to which type of tile will look good and go best with your entire interior setup. Patchwork tiles are an interesting trend that has got on and create some beautiful design when used for an interior purpose.

Vintage Tiles for a Change

Some beautiful vintage tiles are also available in some eclectic designs that instantly give a very old world look to any space that they are used in. Many a home dwellers are opting for this interesting pattern to team it up with some plain tiles and create a very alluring and a vintage style look in their homes. Vintage style tiles are very fascinating and come in some beautiful and alluring designs and are fast gaining popularity in most homes. These vintage style tiles not only create a very dramatic look and but are a great way to show off some of the very interesting interior design patterns in your personal space. They also add great value to any place that they are used in, be it your living area or the balcony or even the porch. If you have a small lobby that opens up into a big living space then that can also so be done up interestingly by using some vintage look and it is sure to catch attention.

While there is no lack of ideas and options to use from, to recreate an interesting style what needs to be kept in mind is how they will blend with your overall interior look by keeping it subtle and soothing. We are large scale vintage tiles distributors in Bangalore and vintage tiles dealers in Bangalore and have a wide range of tiles for you to choose from. Each of our tiles is carefully crafted and are superior in quality and high on style. Our tiles are used to styles most of the modern interior spaces to perfection and are used widely all across. If you are looking for bulk purchase of the same for any of your interior needs, then we are the right ones to get in touch and we are sure to provide you the best.

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