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Textured and stripped walls with some interesting patterns or effects have always found a special place in the world of interior and they add a rustic charm and give a rough looking to space.

It could be anywhere no from an apartment to a bungalow, a commercial space, patio, duplex or a row house. The brick effect is seen in a lot of places these days, including eating joints and restaurants. While most of us would like to just scratch our walls and get the brick effect exposed, it's not possible to find that hidden gem of a brick being exposed. Finishing and polishing too matters and it cannot be attained just by doing it up on your own.

Tips on getting the brick look in your space

Wondering how to get that brick wall effect in no time. We have certain interesting ideas that will put your desire to reality and give you that much-needed look to create a stunning style at the same time. The brick look is easier than you can imagine and you can get it straight into your home.

• While brick wall effect is available in multiple colors and patterns, starting from natural brick look to a bit more sophisticated, you can go for grey colored brick tiles and they will turn your wall around instantly. Natural brick is not what always looks good. Shuttle colors give a soothing yet chic look.

• They give a great industrial look and are aesthetically very pleasing as well. They give comprehensive cover and liven up space. Lift colors with a broken look in toilets are much in demand and pep up your private space well.

• Again if you are fond of the natural brick color then combining these tiles with a natural woods color and unfinished metals can give you a great look and create an industrial style in no time, and that will surely impress any guests.

• Team it up with some wall effect and you can recreate the look and feel. There are a number of natural materials available, such as wood and other natural stones that go excellent with brick walls. This look can be achieved in minimum time and will add color and an unfinished look that enhances the space.

We are sure, with the above tips you can surely create the magic in your home, commercial space or restaurant and add the look of your choice. We provide flooring solutions to all your home needs and are also top natural brick tiles dealers in Bangalore. We can assure you that all your requirements can be met if you get in touch with us and we will guide you in the right way. So what are you waiting for? Turn your interior dream into reality right now. We are the best natural brick tiles distributors in Bangalore Call Us to Place an Order of Natural Brick Tiles.

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