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Exquisite Wallpapers to Adorn Your Bedrooms

Bedrooms are like your sleeping nest in the fussy big world. You delve into beautiful dreams and forget the entire day’s hard work when you rest in your bedroom. The bedroom may be for adults, aged people or your kids. Sometimes even your pets like cats and dogs get cozy in your bedroom. Hence, the look of the bedroom is what matters the most. It should give a calm and soothing feel when you enter your bedroom. You can always use colorful and shady wallpapers to beautify your bedroom. Let us see how:

Wallpapers for Bedrooms

You can always use floral wallpapers on the rear wall of the bedroom and match the floral colors like light pink, dusky yellow, lavender shades and other floral hues to match your pleasant mood. The floral colors need to be complimented by the bed linen and other upholstery to enhance the beauty of the room.
Striped wallpapers can be used for small bed rooms to give a feeling of added length and width. Geometrically shaped interlinked stripes create a dramatic effect to your home ambience. Wooden hues, brown and earthy shades will go well with these stripes. The bedroom furniture like the side tables and the wardrobes can be decorated with matching wall papers to create a theme.
Wallpapers can be effectively highlighted by choosing a featured wall. You can decorate the wall with any bold pattern or shade to give an elegant look to your bedside. It is good to try a retro look with retro wallpaper or give a chic look to the featured wall by designing it with a hotel theme.
Try out the new jazzy look with metallic shaded wallpapers with shiny patterns and glitter to give the wow factor to your bedroom. Grey shades, golden shimmers, clay finish will add glam to your bedroom.
For kids bedroom particularly you need to be choosy in deciding a theme based on your kid’s fascinating cartoon character. Disney themes like Jungle Book, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Ariel, Lion King and others adorning their bedroom walls will surely mesmerize your kids. You can also go for Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes, Superman, Spiderman depending on the choice of your kid.
In the modern day world the adults also get to choose theme based wallpapers to amuse them. You can choose your favorite actor’s movies like Avengers, Transformers, Spiderman and others for your wallpaper theme in the bedroom. In fact, you can live close to your fantasy.
The bedroom for aged couples or aged parents needs to be sober with pastel colors of light green, sunset orange, yellow, ochre and other soothing colors. Senior parents can also choose spiritual themes, god based themes and nature based themes for the wallpapers in their bedroom.

Some Images of Awe-inspiring Wallpapers for Bedrooms

In the image above, beautifully printed wallpaper depicting a galaxy is accentuating the beauty of this bedroom. The white colored furniture, bed linen and upholstery is complementing the bright galaxy wallpaper. The dark colored carpet is in contrast to this theme.

This image above depicts the earthy blocks textured wallpaper lifting up the beauty of the bedroom with wooden flooring. The earthy light pastel colors of the furniture and the grey colored upholstery are enhancing the beauty of this bedroom. It gives a serene and soothing ambience for the person living in this bedroom.

The above image depicts a jazzy wall paper which is vibrant with red color and complimented by black and it can be suitably used in the bedroom of a teenager or youngster full with vibrancy. Light pastel colored furniture, upholstery and carpet or flooring will accentuate the look of this wall paper. This wallpaper will give a feeling of bustling energy and vibe for the occupants of the bedroom.

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