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Glass is one of the most important inventions of mankind has been reimagined and adopted in many forms throughout history. From dinnerware to packaging, from biotechnology to fiber optics and much more. Glass is one of the most essential components in doors, windows and other interior designing features such as pictures, mirrors, bottles, and frames. Adjectives like transparency, durability and insulating properties also make glass a perfect building material. However, nowadays glass blocks are getting a lot of popularity among buildings for both exterior and interior usage. Architects from all over the world are applying glass blocks to create their masterpieces. These glass blocks are earning rewards for their beauty, energy efficiency and functionality.

Glass blocks have a light permitting quality which allows light to penetrate through floors and walls thus illuminating the adjacent rooms and hallways. Glass provides privacy as well as light permitting translucence so that generous amount of light can pass through. If used as a primary exterior cladding of any building, glass block can maximize the natural light. Also, glass blocks are a highly sustainable material for construction which can be recycled and can be composed of recycled material. These glass block reduces heat and keeps the atmosphere cool. As a result of the sustainable, energy reducing nature of the material glass blocks are used in the construction of many LEED-certified structures in the United States.

Glass blocks are an amazing interior designing material. If you are wondering where to get the authentic glass blocks, close your eyes and come to us. We are a certified manufacturer and distributor of glass blocks. If you want a beautifully illuminated space then you must design your homes with glass blocks. Once you design your home with glass blocks there will be no need for additional artificial light sources for making the area usable. We manufacture a wide range and variety of glass blocks that are diverse in colors, pattern, and transparency. Also, we customize glass blocks according to our customer’s needs.

It is proven that the presence of natural light can enhance productivity and learning. In fact, a high level of natural light can improve vitality, sleep, and productivity. These days it is often seen that offices and classrooms are embracing glass blocks. Also, glass blocks provide enormous security. It prevents vandals and other unwanted people from entering the house. Since the standard windows can easily be broken intruders use these windows to enter into homes and businesses. Nowadays secure and unbreakable glass blocks can be available which prevents intruders from entering the house. Even high-security installations these days are using glass blocks. Apart from being tamper proof and vandal resistant modern glass blocks manufactured by us are also tornado, blast, and hurricane resistant.

If you are looking forward to decorating your home’s interior or exterior consider opting glass blocks. They offer privacy and security to the utmost level.

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