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Tiles are an extremely durable floor material if chosen wisely and for the right place. But even though they are highly durable they are likely to lose their luster and wear out easily if there is too much of human traffic and they are placed where they may be exposed to a lot of use. This may call for replacing the tiles and you will need to change them at the earliest. Here we share some maintenance tips that will help you to increase the life of your tiles and make them much more durable than expected. Follow these simple tips and you are sure to achieve good results. .

Always try and protect the area from where the Entrance to the living space starts. This is one place that invites maximum foot traffic and therefore the girls are likely to get worn out due to too much exposure to daily use. You can make use of some protective measures to prolong the wearing and tearing g of tiles in these areas. You can use rugs and carpets for people to step on while they move in or out of the entrance. Also, rugs give an instant lift to your floors and add a dash of color. Placing a plant St the corner will be a perfect addition and your purpose is met.

If you want shiny looking tiles that do not lose the finish and are as new as ever then do not skip the maintenance part at all. Weekly maintenance is a must to keep your tiles as good as possible. As a rule of thumb, you can clean your tiles with mild detergents and floor cleaners with some hot water. Your tile dealer may also be able to help you with the best way to maintain them well. You can get rid of stains by the use of baking soda mixed with water. A splash and then wipe it off and there you have nice and shiny tiles in no time.

Be sure to get tiles with sealants and waterproofing done especially when using in areas that are prone to water usage. This will help increase the life of the tile and restrict the water from seeping in. This can be done with professional help as they know how and what to use for best results. Another important factor to consider is to grout your tiles properly so that they stay firm and do not come off easily. Grout line should be filled in properly so that it keeps the tiles together and any sign of broken or damaged tiles should be checked for and identified at the beginning. If you find any stains or cracks, do get them replaced immediately as this may not be possible later.

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