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Tiling is an important component of home interior and one cannot give it a miss or settle for anything less. In the times when the interior has a whole new definition and there are numerous options available, one should research and understand what is best as per their requirements. Here we throw some light on how you can have the right type of tiles fitted in your home so that they are last you long, are easy to clean and maintain and do not cost too much as well. Sounds a bit unrealistic? Not quite really. It is possible with ceramic tiles that travel been in the market for a while and are used not only for residential purpose but also in other areas.

What are ceramic tiles?

When we think of flooring and tiles, one thing that comes to mind is ceramic tiles, as that is what is most widely used and also with our common knowledge of flooring, we then to think of this as the obvious choice. These have been processed for ages and the made in the same traditional way. Clay is used to baking at a very high temperature and this is shaped into large squares. These are then glazed for use in various places.

Easy to use, these are still a good choice in most houses and give good competition to porcelain and other counterparts. With interesting shapes and styles, they are known for their cutting edge designs and a great finish. Take a look at our wide range of ceramic quality ties and you will surely be impressed. We are pioneers in ceramic tiles India, and our clients keep coming back for more, with all the service we extend to them.

back for more, with all the service we extend to them. Are other vitrified tiles a better option?

Well, this question may be working you when choosing the right kind. With soon many choices at hand, that a tough decision, but the fact still remains that ceramic tiles have wide-scale use and are a popular choice. Let us look at some other types to draw a comparison. Ideally, Porceline tiles have very less absorption rate, so effectively they are almost waterproof. Add to that, they are exposed to a high degree of temperature and serenade using finer clay, this makes them much denser as compared to ceramic tiles. They come in both glazed and inflated variety.

Another popular variety is mosaic, which has an intricate design and appeals to a lot of people. These are made out by arranging fine pieces of tiles into a base and that is what gives it that patterned look. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, they can be made out of any number of material, for example, marble, glass, Porceline or even ceramic.

Cement tiles are also a variety but normally used for our door purpose. They were popular in the starting of the 20th century, but with more high-quality tiles that come with exceptional looks, they are not much of a preferred option.

Well the above inputs, you are sure to decide what it that will match your need and style is. We are top ceramic tiles dealers in Bangalore and have substantial experience in dealing with clients across the country. We have been in this business for a long time to come and have established ourselves as the best in the market. Whatever your requirements, reach us and we will be more than glad to help you and fulfill all your interior needs at the same time. Being the best ceramic tiles distributors in Bangalore we satisfied huge customers all over city Bangalore with our best quality and economical pricing.

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